the Beach Project…

The winners of this years drawing competition are now out! After long deliberation, the winner of each category was carefully chosen by Dr Bekinschtein from the University of Cambridge.

Here are the winning drawings:


Vanessa Potter and Barbara Jachs visited Cypress Primary School as part of a school collaboration with the MindSong Project™.

Year 6 children were given an interactive presentation introducing them to some of the basics of neuroscience. The children learnt about neurons, how many we have, how they communicate and there was an animated discussion on whether a computer was cleverer than a human brain, with some interesting opinions !

After the science workshop the children were split into groups each representing the 4 main brain bandwidths, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Whilst this is a very simple approach to explaining the different levels of consciousness it allowed the team to introduce these highly complex concepts in an understandable and fun way.

The children then went on to decorate a ‘head sculpture’ that encapsulated and represented what they felt each bandwidth embodied.

Beta brain waves are present when we are busy, active and highly focused on an activity.

Alpha brain waves are present when we are calm, concentrating and effortlessly awake.

Theta brain activity occurs when we are sleepy or in a meditative state.

Delta brainwaves are most visible when we are in a deep dreamless sleep.

All of the sculptures are on display in the The Beach EEG Project installation at Changing Spaces Gallery from 10-15th March.


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