The story of Patienth69

Who is Patient H69?

In October 2012 Patient h69 suffered a rare catastrophic neurological episode. Three days later she  woke up to find herself completely and utterly blind. the MindSong Project is the result of a collaboration with Cambridge University neuroscientists to tell the incredible story of Patienth69 whilst allowing visitors to find out something about themselves too.

How does the MindSong Project fit into the story?

The MindSong Project is just one installation taken from a much larger exhibition called Talking to Lampposts, which is currently at concept stage. The MindSong Project is one single installation that is being created as a spearhead to the main exhibition it will eventually form part of. This flagship installation opens the door for the general public to engage with, and understand their own minds; and therefore help them harness the physiological power they have over themselves and their lives.

 What inspired The MindSong Project installation?

Patienth69 used mindfulness and visualisation techniques as a physiological ‘tool’ to reduce and at times alleviate her body tremors and anxiety brought on by the attack on her nervous system.Whilst lying in a hospital bed completely blind, Patienth69 transported herself into a vivid mental world entirely of her own making; her sanctuary. In her case – she visualized a beach. This was a place where her imagination controlled the light, colour and environment. It was her way of reliving sight, when in fact she could not see.

Patienth69 is a real person, and she lives in London with her family.

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